St. Andrew's Church Council

Meet the folks who are behind the scenes at St. Andrew's

Sherry Hassanali (she/her)

Sherry was “born, bred and buttered” in Nova Scotia; her family having arrived in the Province as teachers and principals from Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. New to the community, the family was invited by the William Black Memorial United Church (in Glen Margaret) to join them. Sherry spent her formative years at that church. Her sister, Diane, married at St. Andrews some years later. In 2007, Sherry joined her Mom, Lorna, every week at St. Andrew’s, and in 2008, Sherry was baptized here. Sherry has been an active member of the church serving on numerous committees since that time.

Following in her parents footsteps, Sherry is a teacher-educator at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), and also works at Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) as the Coordinator of Community Capacity. Sherry has been an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) consultant for over three (3) decades, and uses every opportunity to transform the world in which we all live, learn, work, and play. She uses her role as Chair of Council to provide a strategic lens, direction, and advice on all matters with regards to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion with hopes that we can all live His work through social justice.

Sherry is also a Justice of the Peace, and spends many, many joyful weekends Officiating wedding ceremonies.

Sherry is married to Shawn. They live in Halifax.

William Webster (he/him)

Together with his spouse, Anne, and with two of his four now-grown children, Heather and David, Will has lived in Bedford since 2005 at which time he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Health Professions at Dalhousie University. Previously he and Anne held various academic and administrative positions in three Ontario universities.

The family was drawn to St. Andrew's early in its sojourn in Nova Scotia, and since his retirement from Dalhousie, Will is delighted to have the time and interest to participate more fully in the life of St. Andrew's.

This is Will's fourth year as a member of Council, and he currently is Church Treasurer and Chair of the Stewardship Committee. He views St. Andrew's as a unique and vibrant faith community in Halifax and is committed to contributing what he can to ensure its continuation and to enhance its influence in our broader community.