Social Justice

As a social justice community, we prioritize environmental stewardship
and promote ecological justice.
Please join us in caring for our environment!

You Are The Key

Every action and every person makes a difference.

Check out upcoming events, campaigns, activism opportunities, and other ways to get involved.

Commitment to Sustainability

In the the life and work of the church, as well as individuals who are part of the St. Andrew's community, we have agreed to a 'Green Covenant',  which you can read below. 

We are also a plastic bottle free zone, supported by a policy that is disseminated and agreed to by all users, renters, and tenants of the building. 

St. Andrew's United Church covenants with God and each other to care for our neighbours, ourselves, and all Creation by:

- Integrating love of creation in our worship and spiritual lives
- Increasing environmental awareness and education
- Practicing stewardship by conservation of natural resources
- Working with others for environmental justice. 

As a congregation and as individuals we will make every effort possible to reduce our carbon and ecological footprint. 

We will lead by example and ask those who use our building to partner in this covenant. 

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Who We Partner With

Social Justice Committee

If you are interested in taking an active role in this work, our Social Justice Committee is the place to be.
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