Sunday Service

Sunday morning is Connection, Community, and Church, all wrapped up together... plus coffee!
Join us at 10:30am.

All are welcome. Always.

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This Sunday

On this communion Sunday, the choir will sing the words of Job, who in his distress and suffering asked “Where does wisdom come from, and where do we find understanding?” Job 28. (And how cool is this: the anthem was composed in 19 in by Alex Tilley for the Saint Andrew’s choir). Susan will reflect on the nature of compassion, the risk of empathic distress, and the very practical teaching of a Buddhist Roshi who know a thing or two about Compassion Fatigue. And you will be welcomed to the table, with all who are weary and heavy laden. We receive communion in the peace and fellowship of the Christ.

Come As You Are

Our services are spiritual and thought-provoking, with ritual and tradition built in - but it is never stale! We look deep and ask questions. We are active with community music making and play varied music - from traditional organ, to contemporary hymns, to full band rock music.

Come as you are. Participate as you want and are able.

Sunday School

Sunday School is an all inclusive environment that welcomes children of all ages. Our goal is for children to enjoy coming to church by being able to have a playful and educational experience.

We support all learning styles and encourage lessons that are formed of open conversation, reflection and community practice while also encouraging physical activity and free play.

New families are always welcome along with any new ideas they bring. You are welcome to send your feedback or simply get in touch about the program by clicking the button below.

We look forward to including your family in ours!

Please note: Sunday School follows the school schedule and does not run on holiday weekends. That means, when school is in session, we are here!

When school is off for the summer or other holidays, such as Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas break, New Years Day, and Easter break, there is also no Sunday School. 

Volunteer With Us

We love volunteers! Sunday morning volunteering is another great opportunity to get involved and be a part of building community.

Check out the options below.

Coffee Helpers

Did you know? This isn't your "regular church coffee"- we serve the delicious, fair trade Just Us! 'Breaking the Silence' blend every Sunday morning.

Share your coffee love by helping with the set up and clean-up of the coffee bar. We need two people per week to assist us to keep the caffeine flowing.

Click below to sign up. We'll make sure you have training and are ready to go.

I'm in!


How wonderful is it to be greeted on Sunday morning by a smiling face (even behind a mask) and perhaps a fist or elbow bump?

YOU can help folks feel welcome at Saint Andrew's when they arrive as a Greeter. Sign up is easy - simply click below to sign up for a Sunday or two.

You bring the welcome; we'll bring the supplies and set up the orientation.

Sign me up!

Scripture Readers

An easy way to get involved on Sunday is to join our roster of Readers.

You’ll be contacted during the week for the upcoming Sunday and asked if you are available to read a specific passage in service. There is no obligation to accept on any given week, only when you can!

We'll send you a digital copy of the passage to practice with, and it will be printed for you on Sunday.

Add me to the list!


We celebrate Communion once a month, usually on the first Sunday.

Servers hold trays of bread and ‘wine’ as people partake of the “bread of life” and “cup of blessing.” It can be a very moving experience offering these gifts.

Other tasks include setting up, on Saturdays, cleaning up afterwards, and baking the bread. If you would like to be part of this very meaningful ritual, email Margaret by clicking below. 

I'm up for it!