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The Stage at St. Andrew's presents two concert series from September to June - The STAGE Mondays and The mainSTAGE.
We invite you to join us in bringing community to musicians!

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The STAGE Mondays

Shining the spotlight on female and gender diverse musicians. Giving THEM the stage. We want to provide music lovers an opportunity to access locally made music and cultivate a connection with the artists who provide it. ALL AGES.

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Isabella Samson
with Factory Girls

Isabella Samson, an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia, brings her sweeping vocals and catchy melodies to The Stage. She never fails to capture the crowd!

The mainSTAGE

Bringing back live! Musicians from far and wide and our OWN backyard. Live performance is vital to our spiritual well-being and it all happens our space. We want to bring community to musicians and those that love their music.

Upcoming Concerts

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Andrew Waite

Andrew Waite's songs embody real emotion, produce a unique experience with his live-show style, and sound rugged, dynamic, and, above all, honest. 

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