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Rent the Sanctuary for your event, attend a concert presented by The Stage at St. Andrew's, and see what else is happening. 

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St. Andrew's Sanctuary is the perfect place to hold your next event.

Located on the corner of Coburg & Robie, in a prime location near downtown Halifax and next door to Dalhousie University, Saint Andrew's is proud to provide venue rentals to our community.

Our flexible Sanctuary and Stage is a versatile, unique, and historic setting. Get in touch with us to find out how you can make your event vision a reality.   

Please note - Sanctuary rentals include many amenities and options, however we are not a full-service rental facility. We curate and present our own concert series with The Stage at St. Andrew's.

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Concerts, Choirs, Art Shows, Dance, and much much more...

bringing community to musicians

The Stage
at St. Andrew's

The Stage at St. Andrew's is creating community for musicians, and bringing the community to them as well. We’re not trying to take over the local neighbourhood music venues; they are already doing fabulous things. We want to join them! 

We’re small but meaningful. We’re small but magical. We have a STAGE, and you have a VOICE, and we all want to have a good time.

The Stage Concerts

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Interested in attending other concerts and events at St. Andrew's?

Make sure to check out the community events happening on The Stage. There's something for everyone.

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