Discussing a Shared Future

On March 16th representatives from Brunswick Street, St. Matthew’s, Fort Massey, and St. Andrew’s United churches, along with Brunswick Street Mission and other interested guests, gathered to dream together about what it would look like to collaborate more fully in our common work. There was a spirit about the day that was empowering, deeply hopeful, and enlivening. We talked about common challenges such as: maintaining aging buildings, declining volunteer base, decreasing reserve funds, increasing need for our services, and more. We got real about the things we cling to that get in the way of finding a way forward, things like attachment to current identity, and buildings, and our way of doing things.

The day was led by facilitator Allison Rennie, they brought to our deliberations a spiritually grounded presence, rich clarity about current realities and trends, and an ability to keep the conversations moving while quickly deepening the trust required to go deep.

The day was a first step in exploring collaborative mission and ministry amongst our diverse communities. Those gathered came to a collective and resounding YES, when asked if they wanted the exploration to continue. That resounding yes will now be tested within the governing bodies of the churches and mission. Those groups who wish to pursue the conversation further will be gathered in the coming weeks and months. Collectively we will determine concrete next steps that consider financial, spiritual, material, practical and so many more aspects of our common work.

If you were not able to attend, be sure to connect with members of your community who participated in the day. Look for more information from your governing body in the coming weeks.